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HBO Go Launches For SkyCable–On-Demand Streaming Of Original Content For PHP 199

  Kevin Spacey probably said it best when he gave a talk at the International Television Festival last year. He said, “Give the people what they want; when they want

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Solar TV & IBM Sign Subscription Services Agreement For Better Content Management

  In an effort to improve the data management at the largest TV content importer in the Philippines, Solar Entertainment Corporation (2nd Avenue, Basketball TV, ETC, Shop TV, Jack TV,

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Star In Your Own Horror Movie In TV5’s Regal Shocker Interactive Trailer

  ‘Tis the season to be scary this November and what better way to do that than by starring in your own grainy horror film? Well, except for the part

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Curiosity Got The Chef–Lifestyle Network’s New Filipino-Food Inspired Cooking Show

  For Chef Sharwin Tee, it all begins with one delicious question. That’s how all episodes of Curiosity Got The Chef begins – and tries to answer within the confines

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