‘Tis the season to be scary this November and what better way to do that than by starring in your own grainy horror film? Well, except for the part about being mauled to death by paranormal beings, that sounded like fun. Thankfully, TV5 is giving you a chance to experience it for yourself with an interactive trailer for their revival of the Regal Shocker series. It’s a “Choose Your Own Adventure” kind of YouTube Trailer and if you succeed you should have essentially survived an elevator horror trap. Check it out after the jump!



If you’ve managed to escape, congratulations! The interactive trailer itself is short and is prone to a little trial and error play, but since its Halloween you might find a kick out of it if you’re in the mood. Then, have a gander at the teaser for TV5’s “Regal Shocker” to get more of that same kick. You’ll be able to get details on the show after you finish the interactive trailer, so enjoy!


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