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‎BTS‬ Podcast 4/30/2016 – LG G5 launch, MyPhone My89, Nexus 6p ver2, Moto X lower price, Civil War, & More!

Here’s our replay / podcast of the Big Time Show last Saturday! We talked about the LG G5 launch, MyPhone’s new rumored smartphones, a rumored new Nexus 6P, the lowered

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Modular Design LG G5 Arrives In The Philippines For PHP 34,990 (Plus Friends!)

LG’s much awaited followup to the flagship G4 is finally here! But wait, why does it look different? Why are there two camera modules on the back? What’s going on

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Is The LG G5 Made Of A Layer Of Plastic Over Metal?

Nothing wrong with plastic to us mind you, but metal does feel more premium. In a teardown done by JerryRigEverything on YouTube (embedded above), he’s revealed that the back plate

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LG Shows Off The G5’s UX 5.0 – With The Option To Turn The App Drawer On Or Off

LG’s G5 is definitely an interesting new phone – with a modular design and “friends”/accessories. But there was also a question early on about the disappearance of the venerable Android

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LG Gambles With New Flagship G5 That Focuses More On Accessories Than The Phone

LG has just announced their new G5 flagship in today’s MWC press conference and, well, its different. Its got a metal unibody design with two rear cameras for wide and

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