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I Am Mismo & [_A_] Ninoy Pinoyz~: Are You Really Patriotic Or Just A Pinoy Sucker?

I’d just like to point out to everybody that sticking Ninoy or Rizal in your shirt or car doesn’t make you any more patriotic than everybody else. Also, wearing an

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Remember Jose Rizal? Ogie Alcasid Says He Got Shot Because He And His Blue Eagle Ilk Are Douchebags.

…and apparently not because he was trying to free the country from 333 years of Spanish rule. And I thought La Sallistas were classier than this:   And the original

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Alodia Gets Hacked So I put a Magnifying Glass Through Her Shorts To See What I can Find

So yesterday, your favorite GBC, short for Gamer-Blogger-Cosplayer (unfortunately not GameBoy Color), Alodia Gosiengfiao, multi-talented Atenista extraordinaire, (major talent: camera shyness) got hacked. Some of her e-mail accounts and social

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