Alodia Gets Hacked So I put a Magnifying Glass Through Her Shorts To See What I can Find

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laughingmanSo yesterday, your favorite GBC, short for Gamer-Blogger-Cosplayer (unfortunately not GameBoy Color), Alodia Gosiengfiao, multi-talented Atenista extraordinaire, (major talent: camera shyness) got hacked. Some of her e-mail accounts and social networks were compromised. Of course, the whole might of the interwebs chimed in and sent some LOLCATS pics for good measure, and then went to make a half-hearted attempt to send some consolation.

The rest of us, acting on an e-mail lead, went around sniffing. Mostly because we were left with no more lolcat macros. Here is my expert No-Shit-Sherlock take:

I guess I’ll put my two cents in.

First off, the friendster account (related to the e-mail), while very unpopulated, has been in use for at least a year now. That’s basing on the dates of the comments. However, based on the age here, I doubt she’d still be studying in La Salle at the age of 23. There’s a mention of a nursing book there, but I’m not familiar with any Nursing courses in La Salle so feel free to correct me on that.

As for her “affiliations”, what the heck is a cheerdancer? Nothing else unusual about the profile — except its glaring amount of disuse. What healthy, single, able-bodied, decent-looking, lasallista wouldn’t have a friendster profile chock full of her friends and fanboys? I mean, I’m sure if you put her in a different light, she’d just as easily make it into a Mike Abundo‘s Fine Filipinas blog post. So where are the usual amount of classmates added on friendster and the dozens of dudes probably trying to claw at her harts?

Her last login on Friendster was 1 week ago, lives in Pasig, and she’s been a member since May 2005. A little late to the Friendster party, but still close to 4 years ago. Here she mentions that her other account is already full and gives the other e-mail which yields nothing.

Which makes me want to consider other social networking sites. Lo and behold, a Facebook name. <Mamang Haxx0r>, with a (weak) 18 friends from the Philippines and some from India, Norway, Texas. Usual percent of foreign friends but still weak. Most of his added friends on Facebook seem to be related to him, as they share last names. You can still do some research on him/her by reading the profiles of his Facebook friends, the ones in your network at least. But like I said, I’m only here for two cents worth.

Meantime, the world moved on and rotated once to increment our calendar for one whole day. Out of curiosity, and my incessant need for more internet drama, I check up on the Facebook account that I’ve sleuthed. To my surprise and slight elation, the e-mail no longer identifies Mamang Haxx0r, which makes me go OSNAP and find myself trying to get just the right lolcat to express myself. The account still exists and the name can still be found, but not by the e-mail anymore. Drama!

Stay tuned next week, when Dawson finally confesses to Marimar that he is a space alien.

P.S.: I think the Laughing Man reference is really funny.

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  1. Mike Abundo
    February 12, 02:39 #1 Mike Abundo

    Crowdsourced digital forensics FTW.

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  2. gerard pogi
    February 12, 14:41 #2 gerard pogi

    so you do care? @_@ sniffles* sniffles*

    that is soooo sweet! lol!!! and the sherlock thing is creative but nonetheless entertaining… too match detektib mubis tito pap!!!

    lemme join you with magnifying glass search please?

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  3. Harvesting Coffee
    August 17, 07:48 #4 Harvesting Coffee

    excellent writing .

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  4. dylan
    July 26, 04:42 #5 dylan

    eeewww if you could only see ren cayatano.. alodia’s boyfriend?? eewww… he’s really oooolllldddd… he could be alodia’s father like mom like daughter.. soo the rumor about alodia’s mom being a gold digger by marrying rich earthscent dude for money is hell true.. i think she even persuade alodia to have ren as her boyfriend cause ren is rich.. and old.. haha

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