Remember Jose Rizal? Ogie Alcasid Says He Got Shot Because He And His Blue Eagle Ilk Are Douchebags.

May 11 19:25 2009 Print This Article


…and apparently not because he was trying to free the country from 333 years of Spanish rule.

And I thought La Sallistas were classier than this:


And the original Ogie and friends rendition can be found here.

I was about to leave this alone as another childish college flame war video/song, but the comment on Rizal is seriously just wrong. You can burn all the college students all you want, don’t diss on heroes. They shit you for breakfast mofo. You diss college students, they fight back. You diss heroes, they’re dead. They’ve died. They died so you can make make crappy videos on the internet dissing them in your pathetic life of freedom.

Rizal? O ya?! Someone busted his cap. Probably cause he was an Atenista, not because he was doing anything else, like taking a bullet for your sorry ass.

College flame wars is already retarded on its own. In fact, college flame wars is like the special olympics, win or lose, you’re still retarded. But unlike the amazing respect I have for special olympians, you get none at all. If you’re going to go at it, at least have a little class and leave the national heroes out of it.

At this point, my dear La Salle friends, I’d rather be Blue than be you.


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