I Am Mismo & [_A_] Ninoy Pinoyz~: Are You Really Patriotic Or Just A Pinoy Sucker?

January 05 19:03 2010 Print This Article

I’d just like to point out to everybody that sticking Ninoy or Rizal in your shirt or car doesn’t make you any more patriotic than everybody else.

Also, wearing an AKO MISMO dogtag or any other “productive member of society” MERCHANDISE (remember if they SELL the damn things to you = merchandise) doesn’t make you any more of a productive member of society than everybody else. (But buying their stuff still makes you a SUCKER.)

Still, saying Rizal got shot because he was an Atenista is still the biggest unpatriotic atrocity to ever be taunted of a dead-hero-who-got-shot-in-the-back-for-freedom-of-your-own-shitty-unpatriotic-Lasallista-life.

Being a fan of Manny Pacquiao doesn’t make you patriotic either. He’s a fucking BOXER! Boxing is a SPORT. Not a heroic deed. If he starts punching idiotic g-men in the face, THEN he becomes a hero. WORD?!


YO Tito! Wer my sammich?

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