MyPhone Agua Rio Update Now Allows SD Installs! (UnSwap, UnRoot, & Update Guide)

MyPhone Agua Rio Update Now Allows SD Installs! (UnSwap, UnRoot, & Update Guide)
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Well what do you know? All our complaining may have had an effect on MyPhone. (maybe) They’ve just issued an OTA update for the original MyPhone Rio that allows for SD card installs. This is, we believe, a bit of an answer to consumers who felt a little slighted after noticing the local brand had silently released a new version of the phone and left them with an older version. Now with the update, original owners should be a bit happier. What’s more, you don’t have to root and memory swap your device anymore! So here’s a quick tutorial on how to UnSwap, UnRoot, and Update your device!



WARNING: Don’t do the unswap & unroot procedure if you didn’t root & swap beforehand. Also, be careful as any mistake will likely bootloop your phone.

MyPhone Agua Rio UnSwap, UnRoot, & Update Guide

  1. UnSwap Procedure:
    1. Open Root Browser
    2. Rename vold.fstab to
    3. Rename vold.fstab.bak to vold.fstab
    4. Make sure the permissions are rw-r—r–
    5. Reboot your phone
  2. UnRoot Procedure:
    1. Open Framaroot
    2. Click unroot
    3. Click Barahir
    4. Reboot your phone
  3. OTA Update Procedure: (Skip to this point if you didn’t root & swap before)
    1. Click Settings > About Phone > System Updates
    2. Click Download & Install
    3. Click Install
    4. Take a nap
    5. Wait for reboot


NOTE: New versions of the Rio with firmware March 14 v1.06 has not been issued an update yet.




Success! Your phone should be back to normal but with MyPhone’s new April 18 v1.15 update. This firmware version comes with changes to the UI, removal of some bloatware (unwanted programs), and of course the MicroSD card installs. That means you don’t have to root the phone and memory swap it anymore. Hooray! Whether or not MyPhone was motivated by our original complaint about this, at least we’ve finally gotten what we want. We may or may not have changed the world / MyPhone there. Probably not, but give yourselves a pat on the back anyway.


On that note, our review of the MyPhone Rio will be coming along shortly after, updated with the changes included here.


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    1. Marc
      April 22, 19:32 #1 Marc

      Updated mine to v1.15 also, micro SD card app transfer is awesome. Too bad the home screen is still Lagging compared to the New version of the RIO (1.06).

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    2. Carlo Madrilejo Gonzales
      April 22, 22:34 #2 Carlo Madrilejo Gonzales

      May i ask
      Ano po ung v1.06
      D o po ma gets ehh

      Reply to this comment
    3. devid
      April 22, 22:48 #3 devid

      mukhang swap lang di ginawa din ng myphone ah.

      paano kung walang external sd card, tapos na apply yung update?

      kung meron naman external sd, e ano na magyayari sa “phone storage”?

      Reply to this comment
    4. Bags
      May 01, 03:17 #4 Bags

      Hi! Sir ask ko lang po ano pwedeng gawin kasi nastuck ako sa CWM bootloop. I already did a factory reset, Wipe dalvik-cache, wipe system, wipe cache. I also tried installing the genesis rom and restoring a backup of mine and yet no luck. My phone still is in the bootloop. I tried using adb and fastboot to change from CWM to twrp but that also failed. Please help… Phone is stuck in cwm after OTA update. I didn’t realize that I should’ve don the unroot and unswap guide. I carelessly updated the phone and saw the article about unbrick and unroot hours after i got stuck in the cwm loop. Please help. Thank you so much.

      Reply to this comment
    5. jerome
      May 16, 03:55 #5 jerome

      may problema din ocean pro phones nila, ayaw mag install s micro sd. sana magrelease sila agad ng update

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      • panzerpuff
        May 16, 08:43 panzerpuff Author

        Na contact po kami ng MyPhone about that and sabi nila magkaka-OTA update din ang Ocean Pro and Iceberg Slim for SD installs. Di lang po sinabi kung kailan.

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    6. luis sax-o-holic
      May 19, 22:39 #6 luis sax-o-holic

      Hey guys, thanks for the complaints and for this real-time blog. It may have reached myphone’s r&d dept, and i’ll take a good nap shortly after clicking on sytem update. Haha.

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    7. Princess Rosas
      June 12, 14:52 #7 Princess Rosas

      How can i delete contacts from myphone rio? Usually kc sa iba may delete icon, bkit wala?

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