Street Fighter 4: 360 Wins Another Round Versus The PS3

Street Fighter 4: 360 Wins Another Round Versus The PS3
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So, the PS3 sucks. Its been sucking since way before it was born. And Street Fighter 4 is another reason why it sucks the way it does. On a tip, I did some research on the differences between 360 and PS3 running on SF4. Apparently, like most games, the 360 version is superior.

sf4 on the ps3 runs on lower resolution
the 360 version has superior graphics than the arcade
loading on the ps3 is double the time
unless you install it on the hdd

Via Eurogamer’s In-depth Graphical Analysis

Moving on though, the closer you look at the game, the more changes you can see between the two versions. Xbox 360 boasts superior lighting and higher resolution textures on a handful of the backdrops, and the characters have additional self-shadows not seen in the PlayStation 3 game. Speaking of shadows, they’re smoother and better defined all-round on Xbox 360 too. Other omissions only found in the PS3 build are somewhat odd too – for example, while mountains are reflected in the water, boats aren’t.

As it is, the most noticeable difference between the two versions has nothing to do with the graphics and is all about the more mundane matter of loading times – eight-to-nine seconds per round on 360, double that on PS3. Thankfully the latter version has a ten-minute optional install weighing in at just 2GB, which brings it into the same ballpark loading time as the 360 version running from disc. It’s highly recommended that you do complete the install, as playing online against those who haven’t done so can get annoying rather quickly. For its part, NXE’s 5.7GB install takes much the same time to complete but has little effect on in-game performance.

Via GameZine. PS3 runs at sub-HD on close-up

However, you might notice the edges in the character close-ups, a view where the PlayStation 3 suffers slightly in another area. During the close-up sequences, generally used with special moves, the PS3 game’s rendering resolution drops from 720p to nearer 630p, which is then up-scaled for output.

Sometimes I don’t know if why I even bother explaining why the PS3 sucks so bad.

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  1. Flawless Ps3 Mafia Member
    April 14, 03:04 #1 Flawless Ps3 Mafia Member

    The ps3 version of sf4, from my perspective, kind of has only a slight difference from the 360 version. The only big difference i see is the frame drops during special moves. Everything else is pretty much similar to eachother. Now let me get in my Ps3 Mafia Mode. The Ps3 duz a lot of things better than da 360. Why pay about $10 a month when you can compete with players around da world for free! also, you get to surf the internet straight from the connection you already got. You dont have to connect your 360 to a computer. And some of you say that the PSN service sux n with the only reezun being that, YOU HAVE A SUCKY CONNECTION TO THE DANG SERVICE DANG IT. The reason mostly you have a bad connection is cuz you’re using a wireless connection or your router dont have the right settings. Thats also why some online multiplayer games are slow, cuz either you or some you are playing with has a sukky connection. Oh, one more thing, ALL OF THIS HAPPENS ON XBOX LIVE!! (bad connection, bad service!!)!

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  2. panzerpuff
    April 14, 12:15 #2 panzerpuff

    Actually paying for the live service is a little lower than $5 a month for about 13 months. You buy a $50 card and you’re pretty much set for a “lifetime”. If you bought 13 games in 13 months and played multiplayer in all of them, thats just adding about $5 to each game’s pricetag. Its actually not that big a deal if you think about it.

    Playing people from around the world for free has its limitations. The Playstation network and online system is still weak at best, with weaker features in matchmaking, party matchmaking, dashboard and in-game invites, straight-to-session multiplayer invites, and all that seamless jazz. Correct me if I’m wrong here, but the whole hoopla with Playstation Home was that people could someday be sitting in a room and all jump into playing a multiplayer game with each other seamlessly and then quitting into the same room in Home – was the whole point. But of course Sony’s still “working” on that.

    Since PSN’s service is comparatively new, and free, the amount of policing systems and player-interaction management isn’t there. From experience, there are a lot more rage quitters on PSN than on Live. That and, there are actually a lot more “Cannot connect” messages on PSN as well. If that could be from any wireless users, then Sony needs to simplify its wifi setup instructions to a.) not need any router configurations like Xbox does or b.) explain router configurations better.

    Actually some local friends I have compared connection bars for SF4 on both XBL and PSN. They got 4 bars on XBL and 3 bars on PSN on the same connections.

    Either way, PSN is the weaker service. The web browser is a novelty and something that I might find using every now and then, but my PC is right next to me when I play games – so is my phone. I’d gladly pay that once-a-year minute fee to have the seamless online gaming experience on XBL.

    That said, its all about the company you keep and your preferences. If your friends are on PSN, or you like blu-ray movies, or lounging in PS Home, then small issues with the service compared to another product is less important. The PS3 is a great system, it just has some flaws that I like pointing out.

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    • Dude
      October 10, 18:53 Dude

      amen ! couldn’t agree more.

      back in the days, when i only had my ps3, i laughed about xbox live and the fact that you have to pay for online gaming.

      now it’s clear to me why MS charges for this service…. it is superior in every way. well worth the 5$ a month.

      PSN is not bad (hell it’s free), but XboxLive plays in a different league.

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  3. Juliawan
    June 19, 22:57 #3 Juliawan

    hmm ic very interesting me so the conclusion is PS 3 is very interesting me and I want to buy it ^^ hehehehe nice to met u

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  4. Lamar
    September 18, 08:33 #4 Lamar

    Here’s the problem. The controller for the 360 SUCKS. So the PS3 actually wins bitch, unless you want to waste your money on that controller that you can ONLY use for fighting games because it’s missing a right stick and you have to switch between analog and D-Pad. Anyhow, Street Fighter 4 SUCKS! Fuck that newb ass, slow paced, piece of shit excuse for a fighting game.

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    • Dude
      October 10, 18:38 Dude

      arguing like in kindergarten…… fuck, suck, “§$&$%, ass, newb, shit……..

      ….. simply hilarious

      nomen est omen, huh? :)

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  5. Nofu
    October 29, 04:52 #5 Nofu

    What can I say, I got the ps3 and I love it. 360 might have better image quality, I give you that. But ps3 has got it’s own qualities – and frankly, playing from a distance of 2 – 3 meters, you are not going to notice much of a difference. So pol should pretty much decide for them selfs. I chose the ps3 for multimeda, blu-Ray(you got to love the fullhd) and…I admit …the incredible GT5. I’m so happy with ps3.

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  6. KJB
    March 10, 17:00 #6 KJB

    lol SF4 on PS3 sucks? funny post
    unless you’re a stupid moron, everyone knows the XBOX version experiences more slow down and frame lag. IT IS A GIVEN that you install the game before playing online, are you noob? PSN=XBL, there is no difference interms of match making ffs.
    and if you’re going to say “OH XBL has better community+ social” I have to disagree. I’ll give you that XBL has more players and there are better in game chat, but its filled with kids and trash talking which I’d like to avoid. And XBL is designed to make everyone into a no life loser infront of their t.v, you can do the things xbl for free on a computer.
    therefore you’re being ripped of around 60 dollars a year.

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