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BTS 12/15/2012–Torque Next Droids, Hobbit Review, BTS Awards Announcement, & More!

  In this episode of the Big Time Show podcast, we talk about Torque’s Upcoming Android Phones; our impressions of The Hobbit movie; and Globe / Smart iPhone 5 launches.

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What’s Going On At E3: Sony–3D, PS Vita (PSP2), Move & Uncharted

  You know what Sony likes? In the immortal saying of one Kevin Butler, its two words: mon tage. That’s because Sony always shows a couple of montages at its

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Street Fighter 4: 360 Wins Another Round Versus The PS3

So, the PS3 sucks. Its been sucking since way before it was born. And Street Fighter 4 is another reason why it sucks the way it does. On a tip,

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