Street Fighter 4: 360 Wins Another Round Versus The PS3

by Alexei Rivera | March 7, 2009 11:37 am

SFIV_360_029.jpg[1] SFIV_PS3_029.jpg[2]

So, the PS3 sucks. Its been sucking since way before it was born. And Street Fighter 4 is another reason why it sucks the way it does. On a tip, I did some research on the differences between 360 and PS3 running on SF4. Apparently, like most games, the 360 version is superior.

sf4 on the ps3 runs on lower resolution
the 360 version has superior graphics than the arcade
loading on the ps3 is double the time
unless you install it on the hdd

Via Eurogamer’s In-depth Graphical Analysis[3]

Moving on though, the closer you look at the game, the more changes you can see between the two versions. Xbox 360 boasts superior lighting and higher resolution textures on a handful of the backdrops, and the characters have additional self-shadows not seen in the PlayStation 3 game. Speaking of shadows, they’re smoother and better defined all-round on Xbox 360 too. Other omissions only found in the PS3 build are somewhat odd too – for example, while mountains are reflected in the water, boats aren’t.

As it is, the most noticeable difference between the two versions has nothing to do with the graphics and is all about the more mundane matter of loading times – eight-to-nine seconds per round on 360, double that on PS3. Thankfully the latter version has a ten-minute optional install weighing in at just 2GB, which brings it into the same ballpark loading time as the 360 version running from disc. It’s highly recommended that you do complete the install, as playing online against those who haven’t done so can get annoying rather quickly. For its part, NXE’s 5.7GB install takes much the same time to complete but has little effect on in-game performance.

Via GameZine. PS3 runs at sub-HD on close-up[4]

However, you might notice the edges in the character close-ups, a view where the PlayStation 3 suffers slightly in another area. During the close-up sequences, generally used with special moves, the PS3 game’s rendering resolution drops from 720p to nearer 630p, which is then up-scaled for output.

Sometimes I don’t know if why I even bother explaining why the PS3 sucks so bad.

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