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  Recently, we were contacted by Cherry Mobile Philippines so we can feature their new “Like” Phone, which you may or may not have already seen being shown as part of some ads from Smart Communications, Inc. But why is it called the Like Phone anyways? Well, it probably stems from the fact that its […]

  We all know that its pretty hard to live without the internet these days – as we usually spend most of our waking hours maintaining our connection to the online world through as many devices as we can with any sort of live web connections we can manage. Not long ago, we had limited […]

The Cisco Linksys E2500 Advanced Dual Band Wireless N Router   When it comes to setting up a wireless network in homes or offices, one must really pick the right device for the job. In specific cases, you’ll probably need to get a Dual-Band router for a much more effective coverage and connection stability – […]

The Cisco Linksys E4200 Maximum Performance Wireless N Router   When it comes to routers and networking, Cisco is probably one of the most respected brands out there – followed only by Linksys, which is basically a sub-brand of Cisco anyway. So when it comes down to it, Cisco Linksys routers are probably one of […]

The Cisco Linksys E4200 Maximum Performance Router   Cisco recently announced a whole new line of wireless router designs, boosters, and switches in a new style – with the cues a lot more subdued and modern. The main feature of these new networking devices, aside from having the latest advancements in wired and wireless technologies, […]

Sarah Lahbati for PLDT WiFi Zone   Let’s face it: some of us are still not enjoying 3G internet from their mobile phones; or prefer to use a faster WiFi connection when you’re in your favorite establishments; or even for those of us who have devices (tablets / laptops) that aren’t blessed with 3G but […]

Here’s a quote from my post regarding the iPhone: I’d love to hate the iPhone but at this point I can’t yet. Its got the best touchscreen in the business and the smoothest user experience thus far. The main draw is that the iPhone uses a capacitative touchscreen instead of a resistive one. The former […]