Cisco Introduces Their New Line Of Stylish Wireless N Routers–No More Blinking LEDs

Cisco Introduces Their New Line Of Stylish Wireless N Routers–No More Blinking LEDs
March 02 11:14 2012 Print This Article

The Cisco Linksys E4200 Maximum Performance Router


Cisco recently announced a whole new line of wireless router designs, boosters, and switches in a new style – with the cues a lot more subdued and modern. The main feature of these new networking devices, aside from having the latest advancements in wired and wireless technologies, are the new matte design aesthetic and lack of blinking LEDs. Instead you get one solid LED to signify that the device is working perfectly and is currently doing what it should – giving them a more appealing look than regular “server room” LED-array designs. In this line are five new Wireless N routers – the Linksys E1200, E1500, E2500, E3200, and E4200; a Wireless N Entertainment Bridge (WES610N); a Wireless N Range Extender (RE1000); a few Linksys Switches (SE1500, SE2500, & SE2800); and three Wireless N Adapters (AE1000, AE1200, & AE2500).




Since most of us will be interested in the routers, we’ll start off with that. Cisco now offers 5 levels of Wireless N routers ranging from single band ones, to maximum performance dual-band units. The main differences would mostly be in the aspects of Simultaneous Dual Band capabilities, SpeedBoost Amplifiers and a choice of Ethernet or Gigabit ports. While even the entry level router will promise great performance to all users, more advanced routers can provide more wireless coverage and faster transfer speeds within the network. (Or internet connection if your ISP can provide it.) Refer to the table above for differences between the routers and corresponding prices.




You can also connect non-wireless capable devices like TVs, printers or computers using the WES610N Wireless Entertainment Bridge (PHP 6,595). Or you can use up to three different Wireless N adapters (receivers) – the AE1000 (PHP 1,995), AE1200 (PHP 2,395), or AE2500 (PHP 2,695). For more demanding networking requirements, you can get the new Linksys RE1000 Wireless N Range Extender (PHP 3,995), or a variety of Ethernet/Gigabit Switches with the Linksys SE1500 (PHP 1,595), SE2500 (PHP 1,995), and the SE2800 (PHP 2,895). These devices range in performance via several factors like dual-band capabilities, amount of ports, and other such parameters.




A new design philosophy is now in place for these new Cisco devices where they were created to look much better in modern environments without necessarily looking like computer peripherals. The new aesthetic has landed them the prestigious Red Dot Design Award for Product Design, making sure that they are both stylish as well as capable of high performance. What’s more, all devices are equipped with the new Cisco Connect Software which will enable users to quickly setup their Wireless networks in just a few easy steps. It was so easy even a child with an iPad was able to do it.




So if you’re looking for a high performance Wireless N router or other networking accessories, check out Cisco’s offerings at any official retailers.


For more pictures of the event, check out our gallery below.




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