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Hey guys, we’re back from a quick trip to Hong Kong & Mainland China, and we’ve decided to tackle a few questions posted to us on our previous vlogs – particularly about WiFi reception, connectivity, and even how to use it or what Internet you need for cryptocurrency mining. Of course, since we also play games, stream movies, upload to YouTube and livestream to social media, we’ve also included that in our video. For the more technologically inclined users out there some of these WiFi tips may be pretty obvious, but some might still learn a thing or two. Anyway, check out our vlog embedded above for today’s episode or read up on some tips below!

Random Tips To Get Better WiFi Reception At Home By Kokak Tech Expert:

  • Make sure your router isn’t using a crowded WiFi channel
  • Use newer WiFi technologies like WiFi N or get a newer router with more / beefier antennas
  • If you can’t get a powerful router, consider limiting the devices connected to it
  • WiFi extenders or even extra routers help in spreading out the WiFi reception
  • Try to put your router in an open area – the less walls between you and the router, the better
  • Use devices like laptops with bigger antennas – they will generally get better reception than your phone

Anyway, such Kokak topic today! We know its pretty generic to list these, but as we said before we did get asked about these tips and about our mining internet so we decided to answer those here in today’s vlog! Hope you enjoyed this one, even if you’re one of those guys with good WiFi at home.

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