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Yesterday I Asked Globe & Smart About Data Plans, But Nobody Cared Enough To Reply

  We see them tweet all the time. Handling downtime, user concerns, LTE availability, and mostly a lot of signal issues. But how well do they work when you ask

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Smart Launches The Freedom Plan–A Zero Minimum, No Lock-In, Easy-To-Get Postpaid

  A few weeks ago, Smart launched their newest postpaid plan that promises to deliver a much more flexible, accessible, and inexpensive way to get into their subscription services –

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An Open Letter To Sun Broadband Wireless–You’re Alienating Your Consumer Base

  To whom it may concern at Digitel / Sun Broadband Services:   You’re alienating your consumer base. Granted, it might be a small niche of users that are affected,

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HTC Desire vs. HTC 7 Mozart vs. Nokia N8

HTC Desire, HTC 7 Mozart and Nokia N8   Since we’ve had the privilege of having these three phones in the office, we thought we’d record a not-so-official comparison video

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