HTC Desire vs. HTC 7 Mozart vs. Nokia N8

HTC Desire vs. HTC 7 Mozart vs. Nokia N8
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HTC Desire, HTC 7 Mozart and Nokia N8


Since we’ve had the privilege of having these three phones in the office, we thought we’d record a not-so-official comparison video between the three popular smartphones running different mobile OSes. The Desire is running Android 2.2 Froyo, while the Mozart and N8 have the latest respective Windows Phone 7 and Symbian updates.


We take a look at the screen sizes, dimensions, cameras, body design, and finally we test out their web browsers and how they handle loading, zooming, pinching, double tapping, and scrolling. Have a watch:


HTC Desire vs. HTC 7 Mozart vs. Nokia N8



Full Disclosure: The video abruptly cuts off at about 9:55 because of the time limit of our camera. The N8 gave us a Memory Full message shortly after. We don’t have an embedded YouTube on the page we were loading so we can only assume something else triggered the large file size it was downloading at the time.


If you have any questions about these phones just drop us a line and maybe we’ll put it in the next video. For now, we go back to our regularly scheduled review process!

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  1. Justin
    March 29, 10:49 #1 Justin

    Hi bro.

    What phone would you recommend to a non-techie but would still like to buy the best phone he can for P25k? My brother is looking for a new phone to buy and since, unlike me, he isn’t the customizing and phone-app-whore type, I said get a Windows Phone 7 phone, probably the HTC 7 Trophy.

    What do you think?

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    • panzerpuff
      March 29, 11:20 panzerpuff Author

      Hey Justin!

      You’re right to recommend the Windows Phone 7 one. I’m personally loving the fluid interface and no-frills typing and texting. Barring full QWERTY phones, this is the most fun I’ve had texting my friends. The interface is very friendly and the Internet Explorer works wonders.

      If his budget is 25k I suggest going for the Mozart. It is 22.5k sa CMKCellphones right now. ( With the Mozart you get a much more stylish back and 8mp camera with xenon flash. Its really thin and, if you ask me, very svelte compared to the build of the Trophy.

      Hope that helps!

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