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IBM Employees Participate In “Save The La Mesa Watershed Project” With Eco-Activities

Mr. James Velasquez, President & Country General Manager for IBM Philippines   As part of the Centennial celebration of Big Blue in 2011, (that’s IBM for the uninitiated) they’ve rallied

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Solar TV & IBM Sign Subscription Services Agreement For Better Content Management

  In an effort to improve the data management at the largest TV content importer in the Philippines, Solar Entertainment Corporation (2nd Avenue, Basketball TV, ETC, Shop TV, Jack TV,

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IBM Business Analytics & Risk Management–Determine Risk, Reduce Cost, Track Trends

  With a reported 16 Billion new businesses opportunities worldwide and the modernization of all things – including social media – the need for new and consolidated views on Business

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IBM’s Intelligent Utility Network–Smart Distribution For Utilities

Mr. Santhosh Nair, Energy & Utilities Leader IBM ASEAN   Recently, at a roundtable with Mr. Santhosh Nair, Energy & Utilities Leader for IBM ASEAN, we were introduced IBM’s new

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IBM Announces It’s New Power7 Servers–Plays Jeopardy! Against Humans

  Recently at the IBM Technology Conference & Expo – themed “Smarter Computing”, IBM introduced the new Power7 workload-optimized blades & servers for the world’s most demanding applications – some

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