IBM’s Intelligent Utility Network–Smart Distribution For Utilities

IBM’s Intelligent Utility Network–Smart Distribution For Utilities
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Mr. Santhosh Nair, Energy & Utilities Leader


Recently, at a roundtable with Mr. Santhosh Nair, Energy & Utilities Leader for IBM ASEAN, we were introduced IBM’s new initiative to implement a smart system for delivering utility services for Asian countries. As Asia is one of the largest markets for growth, energy and utility providers are in great demand. IBM’s Intelligent Utility Network, of which there are already operational systems in various parts of the world, plans to add a systematic layer of data and intelligence gathering for energy and other utilities. This should allow providers greater enhancements to automate, monitor and control their operations.


IBM’s system implements digital sensors connected to the system, coupled with some sophisticated analytics for the data provided by the instruments. Real time information is sent to the providers, so that they can anticipate factors like supply and demand. As an example of the capabilities of IBM’s new system, an electricity provider will be able to track, troubleshoot, and determine problems, load discrepancies, as well as where the electricity is sent and how much. Such a system would enable them to pinpoint damages to power distribution lines, determine the right amount of power needed to be generated, and find possible tampering and/or stealing their services.


End-users may also reap the advantages of IBM’s Intelligent Utility Network. With a smoother information system, consumers will be able to enjoy greater choice as well as added benefits. Specific preferences like opting for renewable energy can be arranged, and a smoother system will no doubt give rise to better services and value.


For more information on IBM’s Smarter Computing products, check out their website here.


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