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For Honor & Alan Wake Are Free On The Epic Games Store!

We’re posting this a bit late, but we think you should really pick up some free games from the Epic Games Store – if you don’t hate alternate game marketplaces,

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Borderlands 3 Pulled From Epic Games Store During Controversial Sale

There’s a crazy Epic Games Store Sale going on right now, but so far all it’s done is create some pretty weird drama about games being pulled from the store

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World Of Goo Is Free On The Epic Game Store

Well it’s been another couple of weeks already and you know what that means? A new free game on the Epic Game Store! This time, it’s “World of Goo”. This

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“The Witness” Is Free To Own On The Epic Games Store!

You wake up, alone, on a strange island full of puzzles. Now either this quote is describing my social life, or it’s talking about the game that’s free right now

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Oxenfree Is Free On Epic Games Store Until April 4th

You might already know the drill but if you don’t yet, Epic Games Store is doing a whole introductory offer of giving away games for free every 2 weeks. This

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Slime Rancher Is Free On Epic Games Store This Week

Want a free, cutesy, game which I haven’t exactly played yet but I assume its about farming little cute blobs of slime in first person like some sort of Minecraft?

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