Metro 2033 Redux & Everything Are Free To Keep On Epic Games Store! (PC)

Metro 2033 Redux & Everything Are Free To Keep On Epic Games Store! (PC)
September 30 06:05 2019 Print This Article

Hopefully, if you follow all of our free game posts and not living under a rock, you should have a very healthy collection of free games by now – especially on the Epic Games Store. Well, this week add another 2 games to that list – as games called “Everything” and “Metro 2033 Redux” are free on the PC game launcher this time until Oct 3, 2019 (10:59 AM EDT).

The mechanics to own the games haven’t changed at all if you got the other games we’ve already told you about – go to your Epic Games Launcher or to Click on the Store, and click on the Free Games Collection link.

Then what follows is a couple of pages of finalizing your $0.00 purchase of both games, and that’s all you need to do. We haven’t played the game “Everything” yet but its a bit of an abstract game of transformations and stuff, while Metro 2033 Exodus is a remake of the original post-apoc Metro 2033 game where you shoot mutants and live in underground Metro stations to survive a nuclear holocaust.

Either way, they’re free so you should claim them while they’re free even if you don’t plan on playing them right now or even ever. Have fun!

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