Moga Pro Power Unboxing (BTS Unscripted) – Bluetooth Controller & Battery Bank For P3.4k

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Normally our unscripted videos go on our Extras channel, but we feel that a lot more people would be interested in the Moga devices and if it can be the Android game controller they’ve always dreamed of. So today we’re doing an unscripted unboxing of the Moga Pro Power – part of the line of Bluetooth controllers from the brand – and doing a quick test for lag and its gaming capabilities. If you’re interested in playing your favorite Gameloft, EA, Sega, etc. games and emulators, keep an eye out for our coverage starting with this unboxing and eventually our individual game tests. Anyway without further ado, our unboxing video is after the jump!

Moga Pro Power – PHP 3,395 from Datablitz (If paying cash, its PHP 3,250)

  • Bluetooth game controller for Android phones
  • Compatible with games like Asphalt, Modern Combat, Shadowgun, Dead Trigger, emulators, etc.
  • 2,200mAh Battery Bank that can charge your phone while playing
  • Dual clickable analog sticks, 2 shoulder buttons, 2 triggers, 4 face, d-pad, & select + start
  • Full sized buttons and controls
  • Moga Arm can hold phones up to 82mm wide
  • Free Tablet stand in package
  • Two Modes: Moga A (custom profile for supported games) and Moga B (standard HID mode)


Alright, so there you have it guys! If you’ve always wanted to use a real game controller on Asphalt or Modern Combat, this is for you – or maybe not? We will still test the lag issue we’ve noticed on the A-mode of the controller. Though, Moga B mode (HID) looks to be our favorite of the two modes as the lag is virtually nonexistent – even though it is supported by a lot fewer apps. But we’ve only scratched the surface so far – we’ll be testing it on a lot more games to see if the controller is compatible, how it plays, and if the Moga is ultimately worth the investment. So stay tuned for more of our game tests, and let us know what games you want us to try it with!



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