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As of this writing we’re currently downloading it and we think you should too. We’re talking about the newest installment of best FPS series on mobile devices called Modern Combat 5: Blackout. With a new storyline, improved gameplay, graphics, and multiplayer, this iteration will no doubt be keeping gamers busy for months.

  Normally our unscripted videos go on our Extras channel, but we feel that a lot more people would be interested in the Moga devices and if it can be the Android game controller they’ve always dreamed of. So today we’re doing an unscripted unboxing of the Moga Pro Power – part of the line […]

  “Android sale desu desu! Cheapo cheapo games desu! Totemo yasui! DESU DESU! HONTO NI! ARKJKBJGGG!!!” Translation: Hey guys, Google’s Play Store is having another massive End of Season Sale, with very awesome games and apps running in the $1ish range. You can get some very awesome games from the likes of Square Enix’s Crystal […]