Camera Fight! Cherry Mobile Omega HD2.0 vs Starmobile Crystal vs Cherry Mobile Flare HD

Camera Fight! Cherry Mobile Omega HD2.0 vs Starmobile Crystal vs Cherry Mobile Flare HD
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For a while now we’ve been meaning to compare, in a much more direct and objective sense, the camera quality of the phones we’ve been reviewing. Far to often we see reviews that merely post sample images that don’t even zoom in and show the details of each shot. Contented merely to post an image in low-res on the web and calling it “good enough”, “great”, or even “best”, readers are supposed to take their word for it and never even question the quality of the shots nor the conditions they were shot in. And of course its impossible to compare shots from different reviews because they never take the same shot in the same conditions – never allowing for direct comparison. We’ll, we’re hopefully going to change that and show exactly how these cameras differ. Welcome to our first Camera Fight / Camera Comparison feature between the Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2.0, the Starmobile Crystal, and the newly released Cherry Mobile Flare HD.



As you saw in our video, the Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2.0’s camera just failed to perform – a fact we’ve been trying to tell people ever since we got the phone on day one of its release. You can also see the Cherry Mobile Flare HD’s camera shots in more detail put against some of its peers. As we’ve said in our review, the Flare HD’s camera is only slightly above average, and this video shows that.




Finally, the phone you’ve probably not heard about is the Starmobile Crystal. We wouldn’t recommend buying one anymore unless you really want a good cameraphone since it only has a Dual-Core processor, but you can clearly see how an 8MP camera can beat both 12MP shooters. And you know what? The clincher here is that we haven’t even removed the protective tape on the Crystal’s camera module yet.


So there you have it guys: our comparison shots between three cameraphones – one popular, one new, and one “wild card”. Hopefully you now have a better understanding of how phone cameras differ and how the quality can be vastly different or better even with a lower Megapixel count. If you like this sort of comparison stuff, do let us know so we know to make more. ‘Til next time!


Disclaimer: This post is in no way, never is, never was, and never will be sponsored by Cherry Mobile or Starmobile.



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  1. Trev
    January 17, 13:57 #1 Trev

    Great job on this review!

    Hope you’ll have more camera fights blog posts. Maybe for Cherry Mobile Apollo, Star Mobile Knight, Gionee CTRLV4, Kata i3, THL T100, and any Cloudfone. :) To see which brand has better camera phone despite the MP difference. :D

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