Introducing The Newest Philippine Tech Show (& Podcast!): “The Big Time Show Live!”

Introducing The Newest Philippine Tech Show (& Podcast!): “The Big Time Show Live!”
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If you’re a close follower of gadgets, technology, or the industry as a whole and live in the Philippines (or enjoy its influences), then you might have realized that its really hard to find good sources of information here. Of course, that’s why we’ve started The Technoclast in the first place: to improve the channels of information about our local tech scene. But we’ve always known there was one missing piece of the puzzle that most people in the tech industry know – the lack of a proper show, in video and/or audio fashion, that discusses important topics with just the right amount of intelligence and wit to be entertaining. A show that essentially, is a new form of podcast style content, but is easily accessible to a large casual audience through popular social media channels. (And yet, at the same time, it delivers said content in an easy to digest MP3 podcast form.) Well now, we believe we’ve found the answer. In a collaborative effort with a few popular tech blogs and industry experts, we’ve formed a new YouTube / Podcast Show called “The Big Time Show”


The Big Time Show Live (#BTS or #BigTimeShow) is essentially a YouTube live streaming show that yours truly and a few tech bloggers and industry professionals have on a regular basis. While not exactly on a set schedule, we generally start our live shows during late Saturday evenings. In it, we discuss current news and hot topics in the world of our local tech scene. Subscribers can either watch the show live and participate, or catch the “replay” saved onto The Technoclast’s YouTube channel. We believe that going straight to YouTube and delivering content to our amazingly loyal subscribers is the right step in proving easy-to-digest information (and more detailed discussions) about our local tech scene. Of course, we will also provide a much more “industry standard” podcast in the form of the popular iTunes RSS / Podcast RSS feed that many in our industry have come to love – giving you absolutely every single option in how you want to enjoy the show.


The Big Time Show Live is essentially a YouTube live streaming show that yours truly and a few tech bloggers and industry professionals have on a regular basis


While we’ve already had a few beta runs of BTS on our YouTube page before, the first episode that we’re proud to publicly share is the episode that aired on July 21, 2012. On the episode, comedically dubbed the “Pinoy Big Bro Show”, we discuss a few new industry topics like the Ouya Game Console that got US$9M in Kickstarter funds; The Dark Knight Rises Movie (and the unfortunate gun shooting incident at one of its showings); Yahoo’s new CEO Marissa Mayer; a few new gadget releases; and a rather animated discussion about the Sony LiveView Android wrist accessory. (Kinda like a watch, yep.) Its was quite a packed show and the entire thing lasted for just a minute over 2 hours. (Don’t worry, you don’t have to watch the entire thing if you don’t want to.) But why don’t we just stop talking about the show and let you experience it already? Check out the video embedded below for the Big Time Show, July 21, 2012. (Audio version embedded later in the article with RSS / iTunes feed for people who prefer the MP3 podcast.) Disclaimer: some of our actions are silly and/or we might swear here and there. That’s just a little bit of our personalities.



To help people navigate the YouTube video, we’ve added clickable annotations to skip to certain topics that they want to watch – making sure that precious time and bandwidth isn’t wasted by watching the entire thing if the user doesn’t want to.


And that was our show guys! As promised, we have our embedded audio format player below. We’ll also embed an RSS feed for Podcast / iTunes subscription after it so you can listen to the craziness while you drive to work / at the gym / on your commutes. Thanks guys and if you can please let us know what you think about the show!



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