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BTS 8/17/2013 – Nexus 7 2013, DTC GT7 Astroid Max, Ouya, Moga (Catch Up Ep)

  Catchup episode for the #BigTimeShow (We’re updating the podcast so it will be up to date.) Topics for this episode that aired on August 17, 2013 are: Nexus 7

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Big Time Show (8/11/2012)–Smart Freedom, iPhone 5 Rumors, Globe’s New Site & More!

  We hope you guys liked the first public episode of the Big Time Show right off the bat. But of course, we didn’t just want to launch our show/podcast

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Introducing The Newest Philippine Tech Show (& Podcast!): “The Big Time Show Live!”

  If you’re a close follower of gadgets, technology, or the industry as a whole and live in the Philippines (or enjoy its influences), then you might have realized that

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