Camera Carry System For Minimalistic Street Photographers–Best For Rangefinders & ILCs

Camera Carry System For Minimalistic Street Photographers–Best For Rangefinders & ILCs
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Since I recently bought an interchangeable lens compact (ILC) camera in the form of the Olympus E-PL1, I’ve been looking for a way to carry it around with me casually without declaring to the world that I had it. What I needed was a system that would allow me to bring it through public places like malls, small gatherings, and other such events where showing up with a camera “in the ready” would seem too much. However, the main point in getting a mirrorless camera like the Olympus Pen was so that I could take it anywhere and shoot whatever I found interesting – quickly deploying and shooting pictures as much as possible. This wasn’t currently possible with my current shoulder bags which require at least a zipper pull and would look absolutely obnoxious as its only purpose in life was to carry a camera in between locations. Further, I didn’t want to keep leaving a shoulder bag on a table or chair just to give me the freedom to shoot at an event without having a bag slung on my person. That was the dilemma, and I sought to find myself a solution. I present you guys my simple camera carry system for minimalistic street photographers. (Video after the jump.)


What you’ll basically need is a soft pouch similar to what you can see in the picture above. I got mine from a local Fuji Instax store at The Collective in Makati for PHP 200. (About US $4-5) Next, you’ll need a detachable strap from an old pouch or bag that fits your size – preferably with no brand markings and stuff. Finally, some double side tape and some velcro should finish up the DIY part of the carry system. What you’ll end up with is a simple, pocketable case that’s capable of quick deployment when you want to take pictures. Watch the video below to see it in action.



Now, the best part about this system is that it should be able to adapt in a multitude of shooting philosophies. You can take the Fuji bag and stuff it in your regular sling and you’ll have it protected without carrying a dedicated camera bag. You can detach, reattach, and adapt the system to your tastes, or you can even clasp it onto your bag and other forms of carrying styles. What I like about it best is that it allows me to shoot faster, while still able to keep a low profile when I want to. And hopefully, you found an idea or two there that you might want to adopt for your own style as well.



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