CM Storm Quick Fire Rapid Unboxing–Mechanical Gaming Keyboard For PHP 3-4k

CM Storm Quick Fire Rapid Unboxing–Mechanical Gaming Keyboard For PHP 3-4k
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The CM Storm Quick Fire Rapid keyboard


When it comes to gaming keyboards, the mechanical versions are easily the superior kind. Most keyboards (from laptops and desktops) these days are built on a technology called membranes, and it comes with a little rubbery layer to bring your keys back up whenever you strike the keys. Mechanical keyboards are much better in this sense because it employs real mechanical microswitches – these little devices have real moving parts and springs and are much more preferred when it comes to tactile feedback and experience. That’s why gamers prefer these kinds of keyboards for gaming, and that’s why we’re checking one out today. For this unboxing, we’re checking out the CM Storm Quick Fire Rapid mechanical gaming keyboard, and this one is equipped with the high quality Cherry MX microswitches. But lets not go on about it, and play some games in our Unboxing! Hop over the jump for our video.



And there you have it for the CM Storm Quick Fire Rapid keyboard. (That’s a lot of words.) The device is listed at about $80 from international sites, so in the Philippines it will probably end up at around PHP 3-4k when it comes to our shores. For a really comfortable keyboard though, that sounds like a decent bargain.



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  1. Kenneth
    August 21, 19:21 #1 Kenneth

    hi can i know where i could get these here in philippines ??thanks!

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