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Asus Outs Affordable Gaming Peripherals – Cerberus Keyboard & Cerberus Mouse

“Gaming” accessories and “affordable” are usually two words you don’t see in the same sentence, but thankfully Asus is here to change that – with the new Cerberus Gaming Keyboard

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Logitech Color Collection 2014 Launched–New Season’s Wireless Mouse & Keyboards

  Earlier this month Logitech held an event to introduce the new line of 2014 Color Collection mouse and keyboard peripherals. True enough to the name, all of the products

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CM Storm Quick Fire Rapid Unboxing–Mechanical Gaming Keyboard For PHP 3-4k

The CM Storm Quick Fire Rapid keyboard   When it comes to gaming keyboards, the mechanical versions are easily the superior kind. Most keyboards (from laptops and desktops) these days

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