Early PS Vita Users Report Lockup Problems; Sony’s Like, “Our Bad! We’ll Get It Patched!”

Early PS Vita Users Report Lockup Problems; Sony’s Like, “Our Bad! We’ll Get It Patched!”
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Looks like Sony’s new portable gaming console is off to a rocky start as reports of unresponsive screens, crashing games, and system lockups have emerged from early adopters shortly after it was launched in Japan a few days ago. This sort of reminds us of pretty much every single PlayStation product ever released. PS1 had them, PS2 as well, and then the PS3’s amazing $600 machine had its own issues. This time, it’s the popularly rumored PSP2 – the PlayStation Vita. It could be the sophisticated Quad-core processor ticking inside, or the multiple amount of casual-game inputs available – gyro, front touchscreen, rear touch-surface, etc. Either way, Sony has addressed the issue by apologizing and promising a patch to fix things right away. There’s a couple of videos for you for you after the jump.


PS Vita Error&Freeze(2011.12.17)


Thankfully, the PS Vita isn’t available for most of the world just yet. Japan’s launch was just three days ago on December 17, while Hong Kong and Taiwan will follow later this week – with Europe and the Americas in February of next year. Bugs coming out of the woodwork so quickly into the launch sure doesn’t bode very well for the device, but hopefully it will all be ironed out for the rest of the world in February.



Meantime, don’t buy a PlayStation Vita just yet. Joys of the early adopter and all.


Source: Kotaku



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