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Moe Chronicle / Moero Chronicle Out Now – A Touchy Feely PS Vita JRPG

The PlayStation Vita is no stranger to games with cute anime girls, and newly released Moe Chronicles is exactly one of them. The new JRPG from Idea Factory is available

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Final Fantasy X / X2 HD Remaster Coming To Your PS4 With Updated Visuals This May

Whether you’ve been craving some classic PS2 RPG gaming in your life or even if you’re new to the series and want to experience them in a modern HD setting,

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Big Time Show (8/19/2012)–O+ Plus Phones, PS3/Vita News, Raf’s BB Corner, & Smart LTE

  And just like that, our third public installment of the #BigTimeShow is here! We did promise at least a launch of three episodes anyway, just to make sure there’s

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Early PS Vita Users Report Lockup Problems; Sony’s Like, “Our Bad! We’ll Get It Patched!”

  Looks like Sony’s new portable gaming console is off to a rocky start as reports of unresponsive screens, crashing games, and system lockups have emerged from early adopters shortly

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