Valve Wants Kids To Become Smarter By Playing Portal–Free Until Sept 20

Valve Wants Kids To Become Smarter By Playing Portal–Free Until Sept 20
September 19 00:36 2011 Print This Article

Open Doors, Jump Through 4th Dimension


Guess what? If you still think you’re one of those tough guys who think they can live without playing Portal, then you should know two things: One, man up and just go play it. And two, you have no excuse right now because the game is free until September 20, 2011. The initiative is to promote the game to students and improve their problem-solving skills – and for you to finally pick it up and stop pretending you don’t still care. So whether you belong to either demographic, you should definitely check it out.


Valve’s new motive in this direction is to promote critical-thinking skills in students – helping them out in matters like physics and and reasoning. Since Portal is a game about solving physics based, spacial puzzles, it would make sense that someone who would play the 3-hour game to be both entertained and slightly more adapted just in case a crazy sentient computer AI decides to take over a science facility and build a portal-based obstacle course for hapless test subjects. Of course, Valve also wants you to download their Steam client in the process – which is a good way to lure you into buying more games from their digital distribution service. Call it marketing, but if you can resist it, then you won’t have a problem just playing the free stuff. Which, by the way, there are other free Steam games you can check out here and here.


Marketing aside, Portal is a very awesome game with some of the best dialogue you can check out in a short, very enjoyable few hours. We suggest you check it out, student or not. Go get your 4th dimension on by clicking here.

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