Team Fortress 2 Is Free Forever–Now You Blokes Have No Excuse

Team Fortress 2 Is Free Forever–Now You Blokes Have No Excuse
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Shooting cutesy Pixar characters for free? Priceless.


In the land of PC video gaming and multiplayer, the Philippines is a land of its own. What dominates our market is basically what you’d call LAN party games and MMORPGs. It evolved through time as people decided that they couldn’t manage the costs of full priced games or the infrastructure of fast paced online multiplayer gaming. Rental gaming became popular because it costs the consumer next to nothing to play a game, typically with other people in the same room, with games that are typically illegally purchased anyway. Of which, the popular variant would be the Hero Arena genre – popularized by the Defense of the Ancients game mod for the Warcraft 3 engine. Some who prefer a deeper, longer lasting, and online approach stick to MMORPGs. These tend to be the grind-fest Asian MMORPGs with cute avatars and with repetitive quests ad infinitum. These are often free to play or have small prepaid subscriptions you can buy. When asked, they would admit that buying games and playing them online is costly and they would need some top-line hardware to play it. Thankfully, Steam would like to fix that problem. They’ve just made one of the most popular online team-based shooters online – Team Fortress 2 – free to play forever.


Team Fortress 2 was originally released a few years ago as the multiplayer aspect of The Orange Box game collection, but was widely regarded as one of the most fun online shooters available. It features a team of 9 character classes – inspired and looking pretty much like they were straight off a Pixar movie – with their own advantages and disadvantages. Valve then continued adding patches and support for the characters with new weapons, hats, characteristics, maps, and even amusing videos introducing the characters which you really have to see. You can unlock new items by playing, crafting, and by attending certain events. Finally, in the past few months, Valve added a store to sell, trade, and buy items for the game. A move which eventually led to this day, making Team Fortress 2 Free to Play.


So yes, TF2 is free forever now. Now nobody has any excuse not to own and play one of the most fun games you can have – for free. And if you’re not convinced, watch the video “Meet The Medic” below.


Meet The Medic


You can download Team Fortress 2 through Valve’s distribution platform called Steam. Get Steam here.

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