WTF! LG Optimus Pad Priced At PHP50k–Preorder For 15k Less

WTF! LG Optimus Pad Priced At PHP50k–Preorder For 15k Less
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Holy bajeezus Batman! We’ve gotten word from YugaTech (and confirmed by Everything in Budget) that LG’s new Honeycomb Tablet with stereoscopic cameras will retail for PHP 50,000! At that price you can actually buy two tablets from competing brands. Thankfully, they’re offering a preorder discount of PHP 15k, bringing the price down to a more palatable PHP 35k. However, we think that original price is ridiculous, and believe this is yet another attempt of LG’s marketing to subvert the competition with a fake discount. Yes, we’re calling it: B.S.


Before we get into the nitty-gritty here, let’s first talk about the innocent tablet that is being subjected to this bad marketing. The LG Optimus Pad is actually a pretty decent, if not remarkable, Android Honeycomb tablet. It has an 8.9” 1280×768 screen, 1GHz dual-core Tegra 2 processor, 32GB built-in storage, and all the connectivity options that basically come standard these days. What sets it apart is that LG is pushing for 3D technology with this tablet – with stereoscopic (dual) 5MP cameras in the back with 1 LED flash. (one 2MP camera in front) While original reports say that the LCD for the Optimus Pad will display stereoscopic 3D, the final product lost this and can only display 2D. Still, the tablet can record 1080p 2D @ 24 FPS, 720p 3D @ 30 FPS, and can take 3D pictures as well. You can display the 3D media through the usual 3D TV or other 3D displays, or you can use the anaglyph red/cyan glasses provided and view through those.


While the tablet seems decent, the marketing around it doesn’t seem so – and we actually feel bad for the device. In the international market, the tablet is slightly higher priced than its peers, at about $750. Converting that into Peso isn’t so hard – its about PHP 32k. Factor in some shipping and some other taxes, we’d gather the actual price of this tablet is definitely just around PHP 35k.


So what’s with all this PHP 50k hoopla all about? Well, LG might be pulling a fast one on its consumers. Announcing an exorbitant value like PHP 50k, some consumers might be inclined to think that fifty grand is the proper price for this product. Then they announce a PHP 15k discount to “preorders”, when in fact the actual price for the unit wasn’t even close and more situated near where the discount will leave it. This basically tricks the less savvy consumer into buying a tablet which they think they’re getting for a massive 30% discount, when they’re actually buying the thing at market value. There’s also that clause about “The LG Optimus Pad will not be released in the Philippines,” which sounds like they’re trying to make you think that it’ll be a highly exclusive device. Sneaky, we know. But we wouldn’t put it past LG marketing to do this stunt, given their track record of some shady ploys. Because of this, we’re awarding LG marketing our second ever prestigious When Technology Fails (WTF) award. Congratulations!


This might not win us some fans on the LG camp, but you guys deserve to know. Unless we messed up the math somehow and are dead wrong – in which case we’ll write a public apology for it – we’d like to ask you all not to support this sort of shady marketing practice. LG, you make decent devices – make them stand out and sell because of its features, not for your dubious marketing ploys.


If you’re not swayed by this and since PHP 35k isn’t a terrible price for it, you can still preorder your LG Optimus Pad here. “Offer” ends August 7th.

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