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HTC Has Made A Phone To Pair With Your Phone–Also Known As Going Full Retard

Seriously HTC, WTF is this thing!?   Let’s face it: HTC has been doing some pretty stupid things as of late. But we thought they was trying to get out

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I-Click Digital Shop, Spamming Is Not The Way To Promote Your Business (Resolved)

  UPDATE: This issue has been resolved by I-Click and they have since sent an apology. The e-mails have stopped roughly around November 1, 4pm – shortly after someone who

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WTF! LG Optimus Pad Priced At PHP50k–Preorder For 15k Less

  Holy bajeezus Batman! We’ve gotten word from YugaTech (and confirmed by Everything in Budget) that LG’s new Honeycomb Tablet with stereoscopic cameras will retail for PHP 50,000! At that

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WTF: Orgy Simulator By Ubisoft “We Dare” For The Wii

Aw yeah   Welcome to this new feature I call When Technology Fails – or WTF for short! Today’s WTF comes to you in video game form! Coming soon to

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