New Friendster. Same Stupid.

December 29 00:38 2009 Print This Article

Friendster isn’t exactly the king of smart, intuitive interfaces, we’ve all known that. Throughout the years we’ve already seen some of the horrible crap from the used-to-be-popular fledgling social network.

Earlier this month, Friendster came out with a revamp pretty much out of nowhere. No announcements, no big crazy fireworks. You just wake up, and find the site has been turned into some sort of snazzy coffee & doughnuts shop. Gone are the stupid pixellated ads about “Making your own Ads”. (Maybe those pixellated ones were also made by blind users.) Underneath, Friendster worked the same, with some more “feed” type revamps. It looked like Friendster might attempt a little bounce back into relevance…

Too bad Friendster is still holy fucking stupid. Even surprisingly so. How? Well, how about the most obviously dumb move in the history of picture uploads:

Is it sad that uploading a batch of pictures to teh BRAND NU Friendster still puts all the god damn pictures in REVERSE ORDER?!~~!!! Fucking Smart.

Its great that once uploading the photos you can pick a “Album Cover” picture, but when you change the order of the pics, the first picture will automatically become (and cannot be undone) the album cover.

How about the fact that there is no “Reverse Order” button either? Who the fuck comes up with this shit? Its like they’re trying to piss you off.

So there you have it: New Friendster. Same Stupid.

Oh and hey, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!~

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  1. Mike Abundo
    December 29, 01:26 #1 Mike Abundo

    Facebook is becoming the Internet’s identity server and Twitter is becoming the Internet’s nervous system.

    Meanwhile, Friendster can’t even get picture uploads right. Sad.

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  2. Robert Sanchez
    December 29, 13:56 #2 Robert Sanchez

    Add this as well:

    After reading that Friendster has revamped everything, I decided to create a profile there (I deleted my previous one) to test it. Stupid me, I placed in my cellphone number in my profile and for the next 5 days I kept on receiving Horoscope texts. I obediently texted STOP HOROSCOPE to the number stated in the text and it still won’t stop.

    It stopped only after I deleted my profile there.

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