Picking out Friendster’s Featured Friends is the Most Awesomest Thing Ever. (Not)

Picking out Friendster’s Featured Friends is the Most Awesomest Thing Ever. (Not)
August 18 08:45 2009 Print This Article

 I'm sure Gab misses the red hair. :P

So here I am, thinking – hey, I should update my Friendster’s Featured Friends today. Sounds fun, right? No.

I realized this point when, I browse through my friends, click on their face to “add” them on the list, then I choose to pick another page – what happens? Well the friend I just added, would disappear. Why? Because I need to click “Save Featured” first. Cool? Ok.

I add my friend up again, and I click “Save Featured”. That’s cool right? No. It brings me back to page 1 of my friends – at least the one I added is still there – but now I have to page through my friends again, past the one I last added, and pick another friend. Then I have to save, and repeat this process from page 1. Nevermind the fact that the damn friend list frame is so small you can only see a fraction of the friends anyway. I’m no expert, but I thought putting things in pages meant you wouldn’t need to scroll. Also, having a scrollbar means you never need to put things in pages. Ergo, you’ll see me going WTF over and over.

Now, we all know Friendster is a stupid dying dinosaur of a social network, but this is ridiculous. Someone in the FS offices should be shot dead for this User Interface fuckup. I’m sure, if you worked for any software or web development company, you’d be fired outright for this piece of garbage. And given all of Friendster’s strides towards “a better user experience,” (I call BS.) this sort of thing should have been fixed immediately between forthwith and right fricking now.

This whole concept of Featured Friends is ancient anyway. It seems to emanate from the fact that, long ago, before the interwebs was born, Friendster stood alone and had no way to show, possibly, any random friends on your page. (Through apps or other ways, ridiculous, I know.) I fear the fact that maybe Friendster didn’t have a random () function in its code.

What am I getting at here? Well, hear my productivity solution out – and I’ve figured this out from experience:

Pick your Featured Friends from the very last page. Start from there so every time you click on Save, you go through less pages of friends each time.

Thank you Friendster for ruining the internets for me again, and possibly, giving me productivity problems to solve in my spare time.

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