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Microsoft Band Is A Multiplatform Smart Fitness & Wrist Wearable For US$199

  Microsoft may be entering the wearable industry a little late, but what they have recently announced is almost a fully realized product. The Microsoft Band which will sell for

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Cherry Mobile G1 Watchphone Review–Wrist Phone With Free Bluetooth Headset For P1.7k

  Ever since we’ve seen them in films and cartoons, we’ve always wanted a sophisticated gadget on our wrist in the guise of a watch. Recent advancements have given us

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BTS 1/18/2014–Cherry Mobile P1 Mini, G1 Watchphone, Sony Xperia T2 Ultra & T2 Dual

  Its time for phone accessories and wearables! Topics for this #BTS episode that aired on January 18, 2014 are: Cherry Mobile G1 Watchphone, Cherry Mobile P1 Mini Bluetooth Dialer,

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Samsung Launches Flagship Phablet Galaxy Note 3 & Galaxy Gear Connected Watch

  Samsung’s newest phablet phone was launched recently with all the upgraded specs you would expect from their newest flagship large screen device. Packing a new 5.7” 1080p Super AMOLED

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HTC Has Made A Phone To Pair With Your Phone–Also Known As Going Full Retard

Seriously HTC, WTF is this thing!?   Let’s face it: HTC has been doing some pretty stupid things as of late. But we thought they was trying to get out

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