Cherry Mobile G1 Watchphone Review–Wrist Phone With Free Bluetooth Headset For P1.7k

Cherry Mobile G1 Watchphone Review–Wrist Phone With Free Bluetooth Headset For P1.7k
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Ever since we’ve seen them in films and cartoons, we’ve always wanted a sophisticated gadget on our wrist in the guise of a watch. Recent advancements have given us some health monitoring bracelets, and some more expensive smartwatches that pair with our mobile phones. However, it took a local brand Cherry Mobile to offer us a whole phone on our wrist in the name of the G1 Watchphne. It’s a fairly basic slider phone attached to a strap – essentially functioning as a watch and a very handy communication tool. Bundled free is a Bluetooth headset accessory so you can accept calls without needing to pull out anything from your pocket – very handy indeed. If that sounds a bit cool & futuristic, then you might want to check out our full review of the G1 Watchphone below!



Cherry Mobile G1 Watchphone PHP 1,699

  • 1.44" 128×128 Resistive Touchscreen
  • 2G Dual-SIM watch-shaped phone
  • Free Bluetooth headset
  • Slideout Numpad
  • VGA Camera
  • 400mAh Battery



  • Handy phone on your wrist
  • Fairly comfortable
  • Power Rangers Cosplay!
  • Good battery life
  • Free Bluetooth headset
  • Voice call recording


  • Low ring volumes
  • Not best for texters
  • Too big for some
  • Low audio quality
  • FM Radio doesn’t work*
  • Not waterproof / water resist


Ultimately the Cherry Mobile G1 Watchphone achieves what we’ve always wanted to have – a cool little device that looks and feels like you’re from the future. The first time you flip it open to change song in a train or take a call without taking a phone of your pocket you’ll definitely feel like you’re some sort of super spy. Of course, for practical purposes you might want to check out a more traditional style of phone – but that’s not why you’re reading this review, is it?


The Cherry Mobile G1 Watchphone is available now (in limited quantities as we hear its selling out) in different colors for PHP 1,699 in various Cherry Mobile stores. Check it out for all your super spy needs!



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