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  The highly anticipated SKK Mobile Phoenix X1 Octa-Core phone might be arriving soon in limited quantities for the first batch. If you haven’t heard, the PX1 was announced at an extremely affordable PHP 5,499 price point and packs the aforementioned Octa-Core processor and 5.0” HD display. We’ve been waiting for this guy to arrive […]

  A day or so ago, Cherry Mobile’s fan page have started teasing a new smartphone – describing the new device with words like “I Got That Power”; a picture of a battery with an OTG cable and a winking face; and finally a taunting the 4,000mAh capacity of the new phone. That phone, it […]

  Lenovo buying Motorola? Local Intel tablets on the rise? Topics for this #BTS episode that aired on February 1, 2014 are: CloudFone CloudPad 800w, Starmobile Engage 9i, Lenovo buying Motorola, No more Nexus rumors, Rafid Fire News, & some Announcements. Check out the video, iTunes, and/or audio player/download for the podcast below!

  When the news about the Octa-Core Starmobile Diamond X1 came in about a week ago we already had some inclinations as to what the device’s OEM was. However, we wanted to wait for a little bit more confirmation before we actually named the phone and its specs. Today though Starmobile have sent another e-mail […]

  Merry Christmas guys! Or that’s the message we think Starmobile is trying to say with its hot announcement today about the new the Diamond X1. E-mail came in from their marketing department just minutes ago teasing the first Octa-Core device to be offered by a local brand. We don’t have a list of specs […]

  Rumors have it that Nokia has been experimenting with an Android-based smartphone for quite a while now. However, they were probably not able to push for it entirely because of a possible exclusivity deal with Microsoft’s Windows Phone. A few years later however, with the impending purchase of Nokia’s assets by the software company […]

  Gionee, an international brand that has only been in the local space for a year or so, is definitely moving much faster than the local competition these days. That’s because we can easily recall its rise from Single-Core, Dual, to Quad in just the past year here in the Philippines. They’re not stopping there […]

  MyPhone’s new direction with their Android device lineup has been fairly interesting thus far: innovating in certain areas like aluminum body designs; exclusive apps like TARA; and the like. That seems to be the case with their incoming new phone which, basing from this post from their fan page, will be launching this coming […]

  If you’re like me, you’ve been anxiously waiting for the Nexus 5 since the Nexus 4 came out. Or actually, this whole entire year. While I regard the Nexus 4 as the local brand killer with unbeatable specs at only PHP 13k, I’ve decided to wait for an LTE-capable Nexus phone before I jumped […]

  Catchup episode for the #BigTimeShow (We’re updating the podcast so it will be up to date.) Topics for this episode that aired on February 16, 2013 are: GoRated.PH, Cherry Mobile New Quad-Core Device, Laws Against Rooting, Rafid Fire News, & some Announcements. Check out the video, iTunes, and/or audio player/download below!