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  A day or so ago, Cherry Mobile’s fan page have started teasing a new smartphone – describing the new device with words like “I Got That Power”; a picture of a battery with an OTG cable and a winking face; and finally a taunting the 4,000mAh capacity of the new phone. That phone, it […]

  Lenovo buying Motorola? Local Intel tablets on the rise? Topics for this #BTS episode that aired on February 1, 2014 are: CloudFone CloudPad 800w, Starmobile Engage 9i, Lenovo buying Motorola, No more Nexus rumors, Rafid Fire News, & some Announcements. Check out the video, iTunes, and/or audio player/download for the podcast below!

  When the news about the Octa-Core Starmobile Diamond X1 came in about a week ago we already had some inclinations as to what the device’s OEM was. However, we wanted to wait for a little bit more confirmation before we actually named the phone and its specs. Today though Starmobile have sent another e-mail […]

  Merry Christmas guys! Or that’s the message we think Starmobile is trying to say with its hot announcement today about the new the Diamond X1. E-mail came in from their marketing department just minutes ago teasing the first Octa-Core device to be offered by a local brand. We don’t have a list of specs […]

  Rumors have it that Nokia has been experimenting with an Android-based smartphone for quite a while now. However, they were probably not able to push for it entirely because of a possible exclusivity deal with Microsoft’s Windows Phone. A few years later however, with the impending purchase of Nokia’s assets by the software company […]

  Gionee, an international brand that has only been in the local space for a year or so, is definitely moving much faster than the local competition these days. That’s because we can easily recall its rise from Single-Core, Dual, to Quad in just the past year here in the Philippines. They’re not stopping there […]

  MyPhone’s new direction with their Android device lineup has been fairly interesting thus far: innovating in certain areas like aluminum body designs; exclusive apps like TARA; and the like. That seems to be the case with their incoming new phone which, basing from this post from their fan page, will be launching this coming […]

  If you’re like me, you’ve been anxiously waiting for the Nexus 5 since the Nexus 4 came out. Or actually, this whole entire year. While I regard the Nexus 4 as the local brand killer with unbeatable specs at only PHP 13k, I’ve decided to wait for an LTE-capable Nexus phone before I jumped […]

  Catchup episode for the #BigTimeShow (We’re updating the podcast so it will be up to date.) Topics for this episode that aired on February 16, 2013 are: GoRated.PH, Cherry Mobile New Quad-Core Device, Laws Against Rooting, Rafid Fire News, & some Announcements. Check out the video, iTunes, and/or audio player/download below!

A curious new tweet came out of Starmobile’s @HappyManPH Twitter account today,  and it looks rather definitive that Starmobile is interested in launching their own Dragon Trail-screened and 12MP BSI-camera’d phone – much like the recently announced Cherry Mobile Omega HD. The tweet reads, “Starmobile is about to shine even brighter,” with an image. And […]