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PS Vita Hori Remote Play Assistant Grip (With L2/R2 & L3/R3) Impressions

Ever tried playing Remote Play PS4 on your PlayStation Vita? Its not exactly the best experience. While some games have some pretty decent remapped controls, touching those pads – especially

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Play PS4 Games On Your Vita / Vita TV / Xperia Virtually Lag Free (Our Remote Play Setup)

Those who are familiar with the Sony console in question, the PlayStation 4, know that you can actually play it remotely using PS Vita handhelds, Vita TVs, or even Xperia

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Sony’s PS4 Remote Play App For Xperia Z3 Devices Is Now Out–Next Gen On Your Phone!

  One of the most anticipated features of the Sony Xperia Z3 line – the PS4 remote play feature – is now live. Essentially the same feature that PS Vita’s

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