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4 Things We Like About The Roku Powered TVolution From PLDT Home

We’ve talked about the Roku Powered TVolution in the past – we mentioned it briefly in the free iFlix subscription article here, and we detailed the service in general in

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A Professional Geek Squad Will Setup Your WiFi Mesh With PLDT’s New Whole Home WiFi Plan!

Whenever a relative or a friend has any IT related problems, they always ask me. Generally its about the internet or WiFi, and how they can get better service in

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The Best Things In Life Are Free – Which Includes iFlix Cause It’s Free Until April 2018~

Whenever I sit down to eat at home, I turn on the Roku TVolution box and pick out one of the streaming services I have on tap. It has your

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All Net Fam Call 299 Is The Most Affordable Way To Call Your Friends’ Phones At Home

How often do you find yourself at home with your PLDT Home landline calling your loved ones and spending full price for the minutes you use? Do you also often

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3 New Things You Should Know About PLDT Home Fibr

Recently we attended a PLDT Home Fibr event where the local telco has given us an update to their newest services and value added devices that come with their broadband

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