All Net Fam Call 299 Is The Most Affordable Way To Call Your Friends’ Phones At Home

All Net Fam Call 299 Is The Most Affordable Way To Call Your Friends’ Phones At Home
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How often do you find yourself at home with your PLDT Home landline calling your loved ones and spending full price for the minutes you use? Do you also often find yourself having to need to contact friends and family outside the network and spending more than you should? Well, with the new All Net Fam Call 299, you don’t have to overspend anymore. For an additional PHP 299 a month to your Voice, DSL, or Fibr plan, you’ll get 100 minutes of call allowance you can use each month to all networks – Smart, Sun, TNT, Globe and TM. That essentially brings the price down to PHP 2.99 for each minute – versus PHP 6-8 for regular calls on mobile or landline. Also, for the first month you only have to pay PHP 99 – making each minute cost less than 1 Peso a minute!

Like we said in the introduction, this might be the perfect solution for the person who needs to regularly call loved ones using their landline phones. At a great price of PHP 2.99 per minute, you can definitely spend more time getting in touch rather than worrying about the costs. So if you’re a PLDT Home Voice, DSL, or Fibr subscriber, consider checking it out!

To read up on more PLDT Home plans or get more info about this one, drop by their website at

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