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  Suppose you put a large 2,500 mAh battery onto a phone with some compelling features – like coming with Android 4.0 out of the box in an affordable package – then we might say you probably have a very interesting product in your hands. Thankfully, a product like that does exist – the Lenovo […]

The Lenovo Mobile S800 Translucent Screen Phone   Ever seen a phone with a screen that’s see-through? How about a phone that has a built-in Nintendo Entertainment System emulator (NES / Family Computer) and even dedicated game keys? Or a phone that can sound like you’re in a train station, a bar, or other environments? […]

  Great news! Lenovo Mobile Philippines have just announced the list of retailers where you can pick up their devices. What’s more, you check them out now as they’ve also mentioned that the phones are on shelves now. (Don’t quote us on that if the store doesn’t actually have them yet though – always call […]

The Lenovo A60   Hold your budget Android-buying horses! Lenovo’s coming out with something that sounds like a killer budget device in the form of their Lenovo A60 dual-SIM Android phone. Why is it so awesome? Well it’s got some stellar specs for a device that costs PHP 7,990 – decent size screen, decent processing […]