Lenovo Launches Dual-SIM Android A60–Awesome Droid Specs For Only Php 7,990

Lenovo Launches Dual-SIM Android A60–Awesome Droid Specs For Only Php 7,990
October 17 17:41 2011 Print This Article

The Lenovo A60


Hold your budget Android-buying horses! Lenovo’s coming out with something that sounds like a killer budget device in the form of their Lenovo A60 dual-SIM Android phone. Why is it so awesome? Well it’s got some stellar specs for a device that costs PHP 7,990 – decent size screen, decent processing performance, running Gingerbread, and also bears the prestigious Lenovo brand. And since Lenovo Mobile Philippines have recently make their presence known, we might be seeing this device in people’s hands soon.


The Lenovo A60 looks like it’ll be a very competitive budget dual-SIM phone when it comes out at the SRP of PHP 7,990. It has a slightly large 3.5” screen running at 320×480 resolution, 650Mhz processor, 3.2MP camera, 0.3MP front camera, and running Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Those aren’t crazy specs in paper, but if you think about its price point and capabilities – its well into the competitive side of the budget fence. For PHP 8k, you’ll be getting a decent sized screen with decent processing and Gingerbread. The only way they could botch this up is if they announced it will come out with a resistive screen – which we hope they don’t do. (And doubt they will)


Update: Their website confirms that the screen is capacitive. Hooray!


We’re looking forward to checking this phone out when it comes available so stay tuned!



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