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  In this new episode of the Big Time Show, we have the privilege to talk about and award the Best Gadgets Of 2012. Yes folks, this is our First Annual #BTSAwards! And in it, we give honors to the best tech products of the past year. In this inaugural year, our categories include Best […]

  On this episode of the Big Time Show (aired on November 10, 2012), we talk about Smart DevNet with our guest Jim Ayson, Smart’s Nexus 4, ASUS Windows 8 Devices, the big scandal DataBlitz vs. XPlay #SCUMBAGAN2012, as well talking about some Rafid Fire News which include Nexus 4, Nexus 10, Globe Note 2 […]

  Consumers who are currently looking for that new phablet upgrade might want to look in Globe’s direction as they’ve recently cut down the monthly outlay prices for their Samsung Galaxy Note II unlimited data plan bundles. The two, called the Unli Surf Plan 999 and 1799, used to have monthly cashouts of PHP 800 […]

  More #BigTimeShow for you today! (Again, as well, sort of!) Yours truly is just catching up with the podcast as the show has already gotten its 5th episode that was aired on September 1, 2012. This time, we talk about stuff that happened back at IFA; (Samsung Galaxy Note 2; Galaxy Camera; ATIV S […]