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Be A Responsible Gamer With This LoL Skin That Donates To #YolandaPH Relief Efforts

  In League of Legends and in most freemium games, skins are cosmetic changes that cost real money and have purely no effect on gameplay. They’re pretty much just for

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Pay Whatever You Want For Two Batman Games, FEAR 2 & 3, LOTR, & Scribblenauts

  Humble Bundle has come a long long way since we started writing about it a year or so ago. Since then, they’ve had some massive charity-based sales and some

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Humble THQ Bundle Is Out–Pay Whatever You Want For Darksiders, Red Faction, & More!

  Your favorite independent-sourced game bundle that helps charity is back! Except this time the games aren’t even made by Indie developers, its from major publisher THQ. That can only

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