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Asus ZenFone Max Pro Gets A 4GB Variant – Priced At PHP 13,995

Ha, when was the last time you got all the info you needed just from the title of the article? Let’s face it, clickbait has turned article titles into “please

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Asus ZenFone Max Pro Unboxing – Powerful, Large Battery, & Stock Android Beast For PHP 9,995!

Man, it took them a while but thank God Asus has finally heard our prayers. A proper ZenFone with the right processor, – not the embarrasing MediaTek crap we’ve been

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Asus Zenfone Max Review – Best Looking Large Battery Smartphone For PHP 8,495

Ever since smartphones took over our pockets, people have always complained about one thing: battery life. And while some brands have attempted to come up with devices packed with large

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