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Breaking: Your iPhone Is Secretly Tracking Your Location

Visualization Of An iPhone’s Saved Location Data   Yes, your iPhone is secretly tracking your location. And by that, we don’t mean just your current location – it’s been keeping

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Apple iPad 2–Details, Specs, Videos & Price

The Apple iPad 2   So the iPad 2 is coming – thinner, lighter, dual core A5, front and rear cameras. Same price, battery life and resolution with an optional

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Nokia’s Stephen Elop Rallies The Troops

Like most mobile phone users, you probably have at some point owned a Nokia phone. You might be using one now. I still use a few and they still perform

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To iPhone or not to iPhone; Part Deux!

Here’s a quote from my post regarding the iPhone: I’d love to hate the iPhone but at this point I can’t yet. Its got the best touchscreen in the business

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A Look At My Next Phone… Not Really. (Sony Ericsson Idou)

    Check out the specs for beleaguered mobile company Sony Ericsson’s Idou. 16:9 full touchscreen, 12.1 megapixel camera with xenon flash. Touch camera focus, Wi-fi, GPS, 3G, and all

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To iPhone or not to iPhone, That is the Question.

So Steve Jobs came out with his turtleneck and jeans once more to wow some rabid fanboys (and pretentious art freaks) about the latest expensive apple products in the last

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