Apple iPad 2–Details, Specs, Videos & Price

Apple iPad 2–Details, Specs, Videos & Price
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ipad2_hero_20110302The Apple iPad 2


So the iPad 2 is coming – thinner, lighter, dual core A5, front and rear cameras. Same price, battery life and resolution with an optional magnetic cover and HDMI cable. Are you interested?


Besides the usual bevy of iPad 1 specs, the iPad 2 now has the new 720p back facing camera, VGA front, gyroscopes, acellerometers, and the aforementioned dual-core A5 processor. The new tablet is also thinner at 8.8mm and lighter at about 1.3lb from 1.5 of the original.


Fancy a video to tell you all about it? Here you go:


Apple–Introducing iPad 2


These videos are pretty convincing – but those are usually the case for Apple products right? And if you’re interested in the iPad 2 Smart Cover here’s a quick video detailing how it kinda works and how you could use it as a stand for (hopefully) your new iPad.


Apple–iPad–Introducing the iPad Smart Cover

Apple has pegged the prices for these devices to be the same as the original iPad’s – which we assume also means that the iPad 1’s will be dropping in prices to reflect that change. Given the same price though, we should expect them to arrive in our shores donning the similar pricetags of its predecessor. Assuming that fluctuations in the market don’t affect it, the prices should be as follows:


Wifi Units:
16GB – PHP 24k
32GB – PHP 29k
64GB – PHP 34k

Wifi + 3G Units:
16GB – PHP 31k
32GB – PHP 36k
64GB – PHP 41k


Apple announced that the iPad 2’s will be shipping in the US on March 11, and another 25 extra countries on the 25th – however the Philippines hasn’t been included in those countries so expect a longer wait before you get your hands on it. We’re particularly interested if the Smart Cover and HDMI cable will be available and for how much as well – since they seem to be pretty cool accessories for the iPad deuce.


So how about it? Are you considering the iPad 2? Or are you still reeling from the blow that your beloved iPad 1 is no longer the coolest thing around?

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