Upcoming Apple A15 and A16 preliminary details revealed.

Upcoming Apple A15 and A16 preliminary details revealed.
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Silicon is one of Apple’s forte when it comes to their consumer electronics. With the launch of the iPhone 12 series with the Apple A14 and the M1 for their Macs.

There is now a rumor that the company is planning an eight core CPU for their iPhones, though it may be two years down the line.

According to MauriQHD from twitter, the Apple A15 would feature six cores, alike to its predecessors and the Apple A16 would feature eight.

With recent history, the A15 might be a refined version of the A14 as it is an iteration of the 5nm node from TSMC and the A16 might introduce a node shrink from 5nm down to 3nm.

Its authenticity is still unknown as of now, so take it with a grain of salt.

Apple’s silicon is known to be very powerful processors with the Apple A14 and predecessors, outclasses its Qualcomm and MediaTek rival equivalent in CPU benchmarks. The latest M1 chip even outperforms their Intel chips used in its predecessors and even surpasses the GTX 1050Ti in terms of graphics performance. An achievement considering its a chip with an integrated GPU.

As for the rumored A15 and A16, they are assumed to be on the iPhone 13 and 14 series respectively to be launched later this year and late 2022.

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